You should expect a freelance writer to:

Be professional – Do whatever it takes and be dependable.

Listen – Take the time to understand your unique needs.

Communicate – Keep you informed on the status of your project.

Make it easy – You are hiring someone else to reduce your stress level, not increase it.

Looking for quality freelance articles? I can do that for you. I have tons of experience.

Need help with document design or other projects, but not sure where to start? I’m your gal.

Experienced journalist and freelance writer

I have been capturing words, thoughts, ideas and images for as long as I can remember, and I’ve turned that passion into a successful career as a journalist for The Weather Channel, a freelance writer, a social media manager and photographer.

As an award-winning reporter, I use words and images to capture breaking weather news stories, features and climate reports. As a freelance writer, I use copy to capture readers, page views, clients and attention, and as a blogger, I capture the moments that move me and, hopefully, inspire others.

How can I make your life easier and more successful?

Let me use my experience and skills to capture readers, clients and pageviews through solid SEO web content and articles, through social media posts that draw people into an idea, a product, a lifestyle. Let me capture that grant money you want to secure or share the information you want to disseminate with a brochure, white pages, a newsletter, a website or through targeted social media approaches.

We all have a story to tell and I want to hear and share yours. Let’s start that conversation.

You can email me or fill out the contact page and let me take the story of your organization, business, community or publication and capture exactly what you need.

Let me know what I can do for you.